The 2021 season has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Coaches, Directors, Parents and Wrestlers,

We’ve all been watching, waiting and wondering what the 2020/2021 Washington Little Guy wrestling season would look like.

We’ve all observed the news, listened to the reports and hoped from the depths of our souls that we’d see the end of Covid-19 in time to return to the mats.

It was more than painful to end our season last year after wrestling only one tournament and none of us want wrestling taken from our lives for another year.

The problem is that the decision is really not ours.

I know it comes as no surprise that we won’t be wrestling again this year, it’s just so hard to face the truth. I’ve spent many sleepless hours trying to figure out alternatives, options and possibilities that would allow us to train and compete in the sport we love this year but have found no answers.

Several reasons that will prohibit us from wrestling are as follows: First off, we have the governor’s mandate for crowds. Second, the WIAA has moved the high school wrestling season into our tournament dates. I doubt the school districts will allow us to use the gymnasiums even if they’re available and, if they did, there would be a real shortage of high school wrestlers to act as referees for the WLG tournaments.

Another factor to consider is how wrestling would be affected if a large transmittal of the virus happened at one or more of our tournaments. It’s

already apparent that those who don’t know and understand our sport seem to use any excuse they can find to keep their kids out of wrestling. If there were

a large outbreak of the virus at our tournaments, we may never recover from the damage done.

I will miss each of you this year but will hope, pray and trust that this time next year we’ll all be preparing to attend the league meeting and plan out another wrestling season with the most amazing wrestling family on the planet.

Stay healthy and safe until our next handshake in the circle.

Wayne E. Terry

President, Washington Little Guy Wrestling League

If you have questions about the club please contact Theresa at